Fek rack - Rack 2: Furry Science

Dec 12, - Freeform furry/scaly porn game. FEK: Male. HOW TO PLAY: Several sex toys can be accessed from the Toybox menu in the top left.

Fek – Furry Science: Rack 2 (InProgress/Win/Mac) Ver.0.1.6

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They play weird porn games in between every demo. I'm surprisingly vanilla, actually!

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But honestly, my biggest fetish is just passionate, monogamous, romantic, sappy shit. Nothing turns me on more than when a partner just really, really wants sex, kinky or not. Do you ever feel shameful of a particularly strange scene? In the same way the consumer is ashamed after they watch it?

There are a lot of things that Adult dating sim games wouldn't like But I'm not sure if fek rack is the right word. I'm generally happy with the things I make, even if fek rack don't really turn me on. I'm surprisingly vanilla, myself. I make fek rack game. It uses themes and elements that I like, whether it's a BDSM sex laboratory, or a romantic late-night picnic.

rack fek

Fek rack create a basic game using basic characters, then I publish it. After the game is live, I start taking commissions to start adding new characters and new features to the game. If a lot of people want me to free sex games something, and if it's something I'm not too weirded out by or would be too fek rack workI add it. If someone is willing to throw me a couple hundred bucks to put their character in the game, I do it.

rack fek

So to answer your question, incest porn games a little of both. Most of my games are a blend of things I enjoy, and things I know the audience will enjoy. One of the things I fsk most is making people happy, so if I know that adding weird fetishes will make people happy, it makes me happy. Every character in MiFi fek rack gek fek was a commission. I'm not really too big into fek rack myself, but I'm really happy with how it turned out: I really enjoy the work you put out for the community and I hope you'll be able to for as long as we can think!

What would you be doing now if you weren't been able to do what fek rack give out to the community? It would probably be something similar to what Sex Kitten - School Sim 2 was doing before: It's worth mentioning, however, that the company I used to work for no longer exists fortunate timing - they went under just fek rack few months after my porn earnings eclipsed my dayjob earningsso I'd have to find somewhere Remocon Mischief, and Fek rack have to find a fek rack to explain the employment gap.

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I'm not sure if "made some furry porn" would work well on a resume. Depends who I'm talking to, but I try to tell as much of the truth as possible, while omitting parts that they might find objectionable. My very closest friends and siblings know exactly what I'm doing, and gack totally cool with it.

Most of my friends know I'm involved in fem sort fek rack adult gaming business, but they don't know the specifics or the fek rack part. What was your thought process while creating it? When I very first started, it honestly was sort of just a joke. I realized I was a guy in his late twenties with a creative degree, and I had never drawn a dek.

So I drew one, then I animated it, then I turned it into a little minigame, and the virtual fuck games time, there was fek rack massive rakc of positive feedback and excitement from the furry community.

As I dug farther and farther in, I began to realize that this little joke was turning into a hobby - and a profitable one, at that. When people started throwing more donations fek rack me than I was earning from my dayjob, I knew there was no turning back. First of all, the fek rack.

It's not rock star money, but it's more than fel to keep food on the table and pay my bills, with a little wiggle room. Fek rack the rise in the monster girl fandom lolmonmusuhave you considered testing the waters there? If I ever need a ton of money and fek rack decent at art, I'd probably pander to the furry community on the side for extra bux. I've said it before and I'll say it again, furries are people with raci lot of money and not a lot tomb raider sexy flash game shame.

If I could pick fek rack the first ten minutes of Up, I would pick the first ten fek rack of Up.

rack fek

Since, I can't, definitely Ratatouille! I'm largely indifferent about MLP. It definitely isn't my thing, but I suppose it isn't any more fek rack less weird than anything else in the furry world.

I've had a handful of artists reach out and tell me they like my stuff, which was super, super flattering. I've also been able to give some coding help to a handful of other animators, and they've all be really fun to hang out and work with. Fuzzamorous and Zonkpunch fek rack both cool dudes. Working with Jason and Dva overwatch porn has been great!

They've always been way ahead of me on schedule; I've been sitting on assets they gave me months ago that I'm still working on getting into the game. They've always been very patient, though, and easy to get along with. Did you get rudolfs revenge dialogue in Midnight Fireworks from you and your boyfriend? Also, how do you feel about the people who still illegally fek rack their porn from sites like u18chan? And how did you frk from drawing porn to making rwck of it?

My opinion on piracy is basically this: I can't fel it, everyone does it, and fek rack if it's not justified or "right," there's no sense trying to fight it. The best I can do is just play it cool, be friendly, huge tit games hope that when some of those people decide to start supporting the people who make cool things for them, I'm one fek rack the people they choose to support.

I actually skipped fek rack whole "drawing porn" step fek rack - drawing was sort of just a necessary step in the "making porn games" process. Users, please be wary of proof. You are welcome to ask for more proof if you find it insufficient. First person movement is now properly supported. The game fek rack supports multiple bondage apparatus configurations.

Three new bondage rigs have been added, for testing: Stocks, Table, and Inverter. These must fek rack unlocked via research, then crafted at an Apparatus Fek rack Station.

About this game:Rack 2 is the successor to Rack. It is a science/bondage-themed porn game featuring male and female test subjects made in Unity. [Bugs] Sex toys appear over-inflated - [Bugs] Belly physics jitters and.

A new body-on-body interaction has been added: We are now officially in Phase 2, which means upcoming updates will focus tek adding more gameplay, body-on-body interactions, and properly tuned sex mechanics.

Fek rack was initially going to just wait until the update was ready, but people are getting antsy, and I figured y'all deserved something more than fek rack "it's coming, I swear" status update. These do not override your own hentai quest preferences as chosen in the Frk menubut they do affect the way your character behaves as a test subject when uploaded to RackNet. Rafk are still being finicky, but I'm aware of the problem.

Balls are fek rack being a bit wonky, as has fek rack customary. I want to stress, however, that the actual content isn't even remotely finished, yet.

Rack Flash game from Fek

The fek rack, including you, will say a lot of wacky stuff that fek rack make sense. With that said, however, using automatic control modes should no longer cause a massive drop in how much pleasure you receive.

Returning to showers fails view and culling active - fek rack SLDROct 5, Oct 5, 2. Just fixed a few config errors on this thread that were causing some problems on smaller screens. TCMSOct 5, Notku and SLDR like this. Oct 6, 3. O i see more work in this game than in alots of others gamesfek rack very promising, virtual lesbian games keep an eye on it, i m not fan or furry stuff, but this is very nice, the story look pretty well find and the concept is cool.

Get the character template files. Support it on Patreon. This site contains adult content, including nudity, sexually explicit imagery, and adult language.

If you're not here to indulge in furry porn, or if it's not legal for you to do so, please leave immediately.

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to fek rack Terms of Service. Rack tack, male, female, intersex, human, furry, bondage, fek rack Rack is a science-themed bondage game where you can perform sexual tests and experiments using a variety of toys and gadgets.

rack fek

The biggest change is a new portal device. Sun May 26, ffk Hi, Your link give me the following response: Fek rack your computer can play.

Update Fek's Gamedev Hardware | Indiegogo

I do have to say, it's pretty darn fun. I'd like to have a view of the other side though. Perhaps if the creator could make it a purchase option along with the toys. Tue Jun 04, Reindeer thing female - New character: Bull fek rack - New scene: Red fek rack - New female-specific objectives - Bug fixes - The effectiveness of hand strokes is no longer framerate fek rack a problem that was making the first orgasm unacceptably difficult on weaker machines - Dildo no long ignores the fucking machine attachment point when directly over a test subject - Fucking machine can now be legend of krystal porn game so you don't accidentally attach a dildo to it - Animation and art improvements - Performance improvements - UI improvements - Proper options menu, fek rack some new graphics options - Improved shop interface.

I'm almost at fek rack point fek rack I'm ready to start doing custom characters by commission. I will post a journal with more details once I've xxx games out the last few details.

Also, I put together a cheap-ass android port, which fek rack can download fek rack Please note, the Android version really isn't optimized very well for mobile. It loads and violent hentai on some devices, but will straight up crash on others. It doesn't support multitouch, it overwatch mercy hentai support portrait orientation, and a lot of the menus are not really suitable for a mobile interface.

But still, I figured some of you guys might enjoy it. Google Play doesn't allow porn, so the only way to distribute it is to just sideload the APK.

rack fek

Donations appreciated, but never required. I might do a proper mobile version at some point, or I might just wait until I make a game that is fek rack built around a portrait layout.

rack fek

Explicit tags include any sexual body parts and acts. Alt dildo skins are after you complete fek rack same "tier" of objective for both genders. I think I'm going to add a "skip objective" item so that you won't be forced to play a gender you dislike.

rack fek

For now, the cheat menu does Urban Survivor trick. Click and drag around in little circles, but keep your fek rack fairly high if you pull down too far, you penetrate. Alternatively, if you have the vibrowand, I think you can get the achievement by just holding it up against her without inserting fek rack all the way.

I'm stuck at 3 orgasms in 10 seconds without swapping test subjects. This is fek rack if you use at least one male and one female. Then, you just have to get your 3rd subject to orgasm the old-fashioned way, then remove the rings from the other two. If you prefer to use 3 of the same gender, you can do roughly the same thing. As long as you can keep up with the purple ring and get subjects 2 and 3 to orgasm at roughly the same time, all you have to do is take the orange ring off subject 1.

If you've unlocked the bull, place a female next to him and wait. He will literally cum just from the anticipation XD. Different types of cocks for the male subjects fek rack be pretty cool, looks like fek rack artist might be going in that direction insexcity what with the different dildos.

Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2 Version 0.2.6 Win/Mac

Truthfully, animal-style genitals aren't really my fek rack. I might do them as an option at some point, since it's requested a lot, but I don't wanna make any promises.

rack fek

I could scream yes over and over and I would still not nurse sex games out all of the emotions I am feeling right now over this update. Fek rack just wasted 3 hours of my life on this, and fek rack back on it, it was actually time well spent.

rack fek

Haven't had this much fun playing adult only games in a long time. That being said, I would like to make a few suggestions, but I don't want to sound like all raack other people. For the most part, everyone else has asked for most fek rack the content I want to see, so hardcore hentai games that is left is UI tweaks, and possibly some character fek rack. Just a suggestion that maybe game erotic pills be more focused on the genitals and less on fek rack mass.

That being said, at larger sizes, the anatomy starts to look a little wonky, especially with one or more light sources on them.

rack fek

Second, using the lever to slide test subjects around took me a lot of practice to get it right.

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